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May 03, 2007

Something that makes me sad and something that makes me happy

I'm sad because Kit turned 9 months old on Monday, and I thought for sure I'd have him home by then. When we got our referral, the estimate was 6-8 months. Well, 8 months passed last Saturday, and we don't know when he will be home. If I had known it would take longer, I wouldn't be as sad, but of course there is no way to predict exactly how long and international adoption will take. I have to keep revising my "I hope he's home by ..." thoughts. Now it's "I hope we get out of PGN before Jack's birthday." That's May 25th. I think it's possible. That would be the 6th week that we were back in PGN after our previo. We'll see.

What makes me happy is Stiller Has. Jack was digging through the glove compartment of our car and found an old tape from my college days. My brother gave it to me. It's a group from Switzerland. Their music is extremely bizarre and it's all in Swiss German which is like German with a throat disease. I say that with extreme fondness and love. My mother (who by the way turned 60 the same day Kit turned 9 mos. Happy Birthday Mom!) is Swiss. She was born in Switzerland, and spoke Swiss German at home. She still swears in that language. Anyway, I listened to the tape and it brought me right back to those college days. I used to listen to it in the car on the way to visit Jack. I drove for two hours each way every other weekend to visit him. Oh I missed him so much in between! But those car rides are a great memory.


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