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April 16, 2007

Another Freakin' Snow Day

That's right folks, we had another snow day today which led to this amusing incident:

I decided to trek down to the school so I could submit the yearbook which was due today (unhappily I am the advisor for that particular club). I pulled on my boots and felt an uncomfortable fold of cloth in the toe of my right boot. I took off the boot and reached into it expecting to find that the insert had bunched up or something. Instead, I pulled out a dead mouse! That's right, I had found the mouse my lovely cat had been torturing two nights ago. She must have flipped the poor thing's corpse into my boot and lost it there. When I pulled it out, the cat immediately pounced on it again and growled at me when I tried to remove it. After much chasing and an attempt to bribe the cat with a treat (which failed miserably) I finally tracked the mouse down under the bed and disposed of it.

Usually I'm as happy about a snow day as any other teacher, but I was unhappy about this one because it means I miss out on a free day later in the year. My school district schedules unused emergency days around our vacations and we were supposed to have four day weekend for Memorial Day. Coincidentally, this would give me Jack's birthday off from school. Now, however, I will have to work (unless Kit comes home before then).

Still, there was one unforseen benefit to this snow day. If we had not had it, I probably would not have put my boots on until next winter. And what a nasty surprise that would have been...


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    This really made me chuckle and gag at the same time! Not a great way to start out a snow day! I bet you will look inside your boots from now on to see if there are any "gifts" inside!



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