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December 08, 2006

Baby Shower!

Last Sunday, Jack's mom and my mom threw us a baby shower. It was really wonderful! We had a sit down lunch with Guatemalan food. My mom went online to find recipes and cooked for 43 people. The food was great. It was funny because we really had mostly American-style food while we were visiting Kit in Gutemala. Jack's mom did the decorating. It was spectacular. She had tiny fir trees on every table decorated with tiny framed photos of Kit. Jack and I brought some weavings from Guatemala and we decorated with those too. Of course we got a whole lot of loot! Our families chipped in together for a beautiful Cherry crib from Target. We got lots of cute clothes and toys and books. We got several beautiful handmade quilts. It was a lot of fun, but both Jack and I have trouble being the center of attention. It's especially hard for me to accept so many gifts when I'm not giving anything to anybody. I am also sort of stoic, and it's hard for me to work up the proper amount of enthusiasm. It's not that I don't like the gifts, it's that I have a hard time showing it.

Anyway, now we have a lot of fun stuff to look at during the loooooong wait. We haven't had any word in a while about where our case is. When are we going to get into PGN???!!!!!?????

December 02, 2006

Thanksgiving Visit (Jill)

While we were on our visit with Kit, I wrote some letters to him so I would be able to remember everything. Here they are (slightly edited to preserve anonymity):

11/21 5:40pm
I'm on the airplane on the way to see you Kit! I'm so excited. I can't wait. I'm also nervous. I'm afraid I might do something wrong. I want you to love me. I already love you so much, and I miss you.
We drove 2 hours from our town to the airport. It didn't take too long to get through security, even though they are so careful now. We had to wait a long time at the gate though. We were scheduled to board at 4:55, but they didn't let us on until 5:35. This flight is only 1/2 hour. The plane is tiny. There are 2 seats on one side of the aisle and only one on the other. I wonder how they keep the plane from tipping over? Your dad and I aren't sitting together. They seated us in different rows across the aisle from each other. I can hardly even see him. I wish I could sit with him, but it's only for half an hour.
I'm really excited about seeing Guatemala. It's strange to realize that I have never been to the country that you have spent your whole life in. I con't want you to ever forget Guatemala, or that you came from there. I hope you are proud of your heritage and your history. I hope that you don't grow up to hate us for taking you to another country.
I'm so happy that we will get to spend your firts Thanksgiving together. Thanksgiving is a time to get together with family. This is our chance to bond and get to know each other as a new family.
We're about to take off now. I love flying. I wonder what you will think about your first flight?

Love, Mama

11/22 9:25 am

Dear Kit,

We're on the plane to Guatemala. I'm super excited but also nervous. This is like a trial by fire. We won't have anyone to help us or to ask for advice. I just hope everything goes ok. I'm also worried about trying to speak Spanish. I really don't know much at all.

Your Mama

11/22 4:55 pm

We finally got to see you and hold you and kiss you! We've given you a bottle and changed your diaper. Right now you're sleeping and you're snoring a little bit. You have a bit of a cold. We've seen you yawn, burp, get the hiccups and smile, but you haven't cried yet. You are a very happy baby (at least today). You like to look at our faces and examine our hands. You like to kick your feet and grab them with your hands. you like to look at yourself in the mirror.
We first got to see you around 3:20. When we got to the hotel, around 2:00, we called D. to say we were here. She said she would be over in 5 minutes. Finally at least 45 minutes later she arrived with you. What an agonizing wait for us! I was tired too, because I got hardly any sleep last night at the airport.
I loved my first sight of your birth country. We came down out of the clouds and saw the vast green mountains with small villages clinging to the steep sides. Guatemala city is very big, all spread out among the mountains and deep gorges. The houses are adobe I think, and all painted different colors with tin roofs. The plants seem very exotic to me. Palm trees and beautiful flowers. Such a change from gray November in the Northeast!
Every now and then you flex your arms in your sleep and make a little noise. Daddy looks over to make sure you're ok.
You are the sweetest little baby I've ever seen.

Love, Mama

11/23 8:01 pm


We had a quiet day together in the hotel. You are sleeping on the bed, and I'm next to you writing this. Daddy is ordering room service for our dinner. No Thanksgiving feast for us today!
We all had a difficult night last night. You pretty much refused to sleep in your crib. I think it was mostly your cold. You have a stuffy nose and it's a little hard for you to breathe. Also you have been coughing and sneezing, which is super cute but also sad because I don't want you to be sick. Anyway, last night Daddy and I took turns staying up with you, feeding, changing and rocking. Every time we tried to put you in the crib you started to fuss. We can't stand to let you fuss! I don't know if it was your cold, or the shock of being out of the Hogar with two people playing with you. Daddy and I both got a nap during the day though.
I've been wondering what you will be like when you grow up. You have very long fingers and toes. you like to grab things with your fingers and even your toes when we change you.. Your left ear has a crinkle in it that makes it look like you are an elf. I wonder if you'll always have that. You have very black hair that is about an inch and a half long in some places. Right now it is super soft and fine like down. I wonder what it will be like when you grow up? How will you want it cut? Buzzed short, or longer? Your eyebrows are soft and sprse, your eyelashes are very long and straight. Your eyes are very dark brown, so dark I can barely see your irises. I think your eyes will be very handsome when you get older.
I'm glad you are my son.
Love, Mama

11/24 7:08 pm

Dear Kit,

Daddy's bouncing the bed while you lie on a pillow. He's trying to get you to sleep. I don't know if you will, you slept a lot today. You've been kicking a whole lot, exercising your muscles for when you learn to crawl and walk.
You know what you did today? You peed on me! I had you on my lap, and all of a sudden I felt something wet between my lets. You had peed through your diaper, two layers of clothes, a blanket, and my skirt! I guess we didn't get the diaper on right. It's a good thing I packed extra clothes. We were planning on giving you a bath anyway, so I got into the tub to wash off. While I was runing the bath and getting stuff ready, Daddy had you up on the bathroom counter where we've been changing you. You pooped all over the counter and the changing mat and your clothes. Daddy cleaned up there while I gave you your bath. You liked the bath and your hair was so soft and fluffy after.
You are such a happy baby! you only fuss when you are wet or hungry. Otherwise you spend a lot of time smiling and even laughing. You like to play with the toys we brought for you. You like the books too. When I read to you, you really focus intently on the pictures. You also like to be changed. You grin and look at yourself in the mirror. Then you grab your feet or your clothes. I like changing your diaper, except when you pee after I take off the old diaper!
I love you so,

11/26 1:15 am
Mi hijo,
Our visit with you is over. It was so hard to leave you! I miss you so much and I'm already counting the days until I see you again. D. told us that our case is almost ready to go into PGN. She said you might come home in time for Valentine's Day!
This morning we expected D. to come get you at 9:00. We packed most everything up and dressed you in a super cute striped outfit. We ran out of formula and were getting pretty nervous, but just as you started to get fussy D. came to pick you up. I didn't want to give you up.
After you were gone I felt kind of depressed. daddy and I had breakfast at the mall in our hotel. They have mostly American chains in the mall including the food court. They even had a Taco Bell! I thought that was funny. We had bagels with eggs, American cheese and salsa from Bagel Factory. Yummy! Then we went to the airport. I took some pictures of the city from the suttle bus because we never left the hotel. D. said it wasn't safe and we probably wouldn't have taken you out with your cold anyway.
We bought a lot of things at the airport. Some weavings to decorate our baby shower, xmas presents and some toys for you. We weren't able to get to a real mercado, so the airport was our only chance to buy some traditional crafts.
We saw three babies going home with their new families on our flight. I as super jealous of them! I wished I had you with us!
Daddy and I were separated on the plane again. Poor Daddy is ver sick with a cold. We haven't had much sleep this week. You seemed to be getting over your cold though. You weren't as stuffy today.
Right now we're spending the night in the Newark airport. Wen we bring you home, we will spring for a hotel, but for just Daddy and me it doesn't seem worth it.
I miss you very much. I hope you are sleeping happily tonight!
Love, Mama