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June 21, 2007

Going to Guatemala!

We have our tickets and will be on our way July 1st! I can't wait. Now we only have to get a hotel. Apparently something is going on in Guatemala City and all the hotels are booked. We're trying for one in Antigua right now.

Our lovely lawyer fixed the mistake PGN made, so now we are about a month away from our Embassy appointment. Keep in mind that this estimate is from our lawyer who told us at Christmas that we might be home by Valentine's Day. Still, it won't be long now. We also worked out the problem with our homestudy addendum. They will send it to us in Guatemala if it is not finished before we leave.

So now I just need to worry about getting my library cleaned up for the end of the year and writing lesson plans for my sub. I will be out until October 29th. That gives me a nice long time to be with Kit! Things are finally looking up!


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