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June 25, 2007

Catastrophe Averted

Jack and I just had a moment of blind panic. We realized that our fingerprints expire on August 4th, and there is a possibility that we won't have our embassy appointment by then. We need to renew our fingerprints or we won't get to take Kit home. We were afraid that we would have to mail out a refingerprint request and then wait for an appointment. I thought we wouldn't be able to go to Guatemala on Sunday and have to change our tickets again and pay huge $ for that. After digging around on the USCIS website and then Jack spending what felt like 2 hours working the automated maze of the USCIS phone system, we finally got a phone number for our local (that is only 2 hours away) USCIS office. I spoke to a nice woman who told us we could make an appointment online for tomorrow! So we will be driving two hours to get fingerprinted again tomorrow and we get to pay another $140 for the privilege! Still, we'll do anything we need to in order to make sure Kit gets home.


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