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June 29, 2007

Babies are hard work...

...and ours isn't even home yet. Today Jack and I struggled with installing the car seat for an hour. We decided to buy one of those convertible models because we figured Kit wouldn't need a rear facing one for very long. Our car seat changes from rear facing to forward facing to booster seat. The only problem with it is that I think it was made with a giant SUV in mind. We have a petite Toyota Corolla. A lovely, fuel-efficient car, but not really big enough for our giant car seat. After much fooling around and despairing, we finally got it installed with less than an inch of wiggle. Whoever sits in the passenger seat will have to be short (Jack and I both are) and willing to sit quite upright. Still, Kit will be safe, and that's all that matters.

After that, I decided to tackle some babyproofing. I put in outlet plugs and installed bumpers on the corners of the coffee table, and then I decided to try cabinet latches. Well, I guess I'm just not that good at screwing things in. We have a saying in our family, evige umgang. It's German and it means going around forever. That's what the screws were doing. Not tightening, not boring farther into the wood, just spinning eternally. I finally got two latches installed below the kitchen sink and moved on to the bathroom. There, I found even harder wood! As I was trying to tighten a screw, the screwdriver slipped and I cut myself on the thumb. With a screwdriver! So tightening the screws by hand isn't going to work apparently, so it's time to break out the power tools. Let's see what kind of damage I can do with them!


  • At 6/29/2007 5:24 PM, Anonymous Violet said…

    We don't know, yet, what age our kids will be (we've applied for a domestic adoption of a sibling pair between 1.5 and 10 years) but I've been so antsy about getting things rolling that I forced my husband to buy those plastic outlet plugs. And neither one of us can remove them without finding a butter knife or a screwdriver. Heee! Very safe. They're very very safe. *grin*


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