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May 17, 2007

What NOT to do when you're adopting.

Warning: This is a whiney post.

1. Tell ANYONE. I get so many people asking every day when I'm going to get my baby. I have to explain all over again.

2. Buy ANY baby clothes. Jack and I bought a bunch of cute clothes that Kit has now probably grown out of. It's depressing to think about.

3. Go out on Mother's Day. Stewarts was giving out free ice cream cones to moms. I felt sad when I looked at the sign.

4. Say "the baby will be here by next Christmas/Easter/my birthday/this time next year." This will jinx you.

5. Obsessively read other people's blogs. There is always somebody who's going to get their baby before you even though they started the process about a year after you did.

Ok. Now that I've finished venting I can be rational again. Of course you have to tell people. You need the support and love of others to help you through the wait. You also want to boast about your wonderful child who's coming. I also think buying baby things really helps with the wait. It's fun and it makes everything feel more real. I do recommend saving receipts for things the baby will grow out of, just in case. As for the blogs, I just can't help myself. And it does give me a little bit of hope that PGN is moving and people are still getting out. It will be my turn one day.

May 10, 2007

School Stuff

I need to blog a little bit about stuff that happens at school. For those of you that don't know me IRL, I am a librarian at a small K-12 school.

1. Foul Language

Today I was told that I am "f*cking stupid." I guess it's not ok for the librarian to confiscate the date stamp that you have stolen. I guess kids should be allowed to stamp the table and other students "due May 18, 2007." Because if you tell them to stop and sent them back to their study hall, you're f*cking stupid. Too bad they never told me that in library school.

2. Gender Roles

I told a senior girl that over the weekend I mowed the lawn (ok, really only a section of the lawn, Jack wants me to be accurate) and my husband planted some flowers. "Isn't that role reversal?" She asked. Wow, I guess my school hasn't moved into the 21st century yet. Considering that we had a card catalog up until last year, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that people are old fashioned.

3. Gender Roles Part II

One of the 4th grade teachers was discussing her concerns about a male student of hers. Apparently he wears lip gloss and barrettes and he *gasp* volunteered to play the princess in their class play! She had to call his mother! Because he was acting like a girl! The horror! The other day this same student asked me if I was sick (because I had a cold and my voice was funny). I think I need to call his mom and tell her he is exhibiting suspiciously unmasculine compassion.

4. The stuff they tell me about their parents

2nd grader says, "My dad ate one of those big green moths and then he had to go to the hospital." When asked why he did this, the student responded, "he had been at the bar with his friends and they dared him to do it." I'm sure his dad wants me to know he's a lush!

From a 1st grader, "My dad's getting out of jail today!"

Kindergarten: "We don't have tv because my mom didn't pay the bill"

5. You mean you don't do it for free?

A conversation between me and a Kindergartener in the morning as I walk into the school building. Please note that this was in November and the child had seen me at work many times before.

Child, "What are you doing here?"

Me, "I work here."

Child, "You work here?"

Me, "That's right, that's why I'm here every day."

Child, incredulous, "Do you get paid to come here?"

May 07, 2007

Random Thoughts

I had a nice conversation with the high school music teacher at school today. She gave me some clothes her son had grown out of and then we just chatted for a bit. As a "specials" teacher (library, music, art, PE, technology) there are issues that other teachers just don't understand. Like being underappreciated and invisible (whine, whine, whine). It's nice to vent with someone who understands. I have trouble making friends, so a nice conversation means a lot to me.

I was really sick with a cold this weekend. On Saturday I slept most of the day while Jack and his parents went shopping for plants. Jack loves to garden and I'm glad he does because if it were up to me, our lawn would be pretty boring. I like flowers, I'm just way too lazy to actually plant them and keep them up.

I felt a bit better on Sunday, so I finally decided to hem up the pants I bought about 3 weeks ago. After I had them all pinned up I tried them on to make sure the length was right. That's when I noticed that they are two sizes too big! How did I not notice this when I bought them? I can practically pull them down over my hips without unbuttoning them! It's too late to return them (I bought them at a store 2 hours away) so I will have to see if I can alter them a little. I am not a whiz at sewing, but I get by. Makes me feel a little silly though.

I love Stewart's Espresso Therapy ice cream. It has delicious chocolate covered walnuts (or maybe pecans?) and yummy espresso ice cream. It has definitely been a comfort food for me since it's gotten warm. I justify it by walking to the store to get it. Hey, I'm getting exercise, so it's all good!

I'm making something for my mama for Mother's Day. I can't tell you what it is, because she reads this blog. I thought I'd have my baby for Mother's Day, but no luck. I feel like I'm kinda in between. I really feel that Kit is my son, so in that sense I'm a mother, but I don't clean poopy diapers and all that yet, so practically, I'm not a mother yet. I think I will need some ice cream to get through Sunday.

May 03, 2007

Something that makes me sad and something that makes me happy

I'm sad because Kit turned 9 months old on Monday, and I thought for sure I'd have him home by then. When we got our referral, the estimate was 6-8 months. Well, 8 months passed last Saturday, and we don't know when he will be home. If I had known it would take longer, I wouldn't be as sad, but of course there is no way to predict exactly how long and international adoption will take. I have to keep revising my "I hope he's home by ..." thoughts. Now it's "I hope we get out of PGN before Jack's birthday." That's May 25th. I think it's possible. That would be the 6th week that we were back in PGN after our previo. We'll see.

What makes me happy is Stiller Has. Jack was digging through the glove compartment of our car and found an old tape from my college days. My brother gave it to me. It's a group from Switzerland. Their music is extremely bizarre and it's all in Swiss German which is like German with a throat disease. I say that with extreme fondness and love. My mother (who by the way turned 60 the same day Kit turned 9 mos. Happy Birthday Mom!) is Swiss. She was born in Switzerland, and spoke Swiss German at home. She still swears in that language. Anyway, I listened to the tape and it brought me right back to those college days. I used to listen to it in the car on the way to visit Jack. I drove for two hours each way every other weekend to visit him. Oh I missed him so much in between! But those car rides are a great memory.